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Polinesian Noni Juice

Polinesian Noni Juice


946 ml (32 OZ.)

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Noni (Morinda citrifolia)


- Strengthening the body, convalescence, fatigue states
- Depression, frequent mood swings
- Migraines, insomnia, mental dissociation
- Pain of various origins (among others. Headache, menstrual)
- Weakened immunity, allergies


Take 2 tablespoons juice daily, or as directed.

Polinesian Noni Juice

946 ml

Yra atokiose vietose Žemėje, kur palaiminga poveikis civilizacijos nepaliko vargu ar pėdsakų. Gauk subalansuota Calivita Noni produktus, kurie yra iš Polinezijoje, kur vietiniai gyventojai vis dar daugiau susiduria su gamtos, nei nusistovėjusių visuomenių piliečių Niķīgums.


Polinesian Noni Juice - food supplement

There are remote places on Earth, where the blissful effects of civilization have left hardly any trace. Get balanced with CaliVita’s Noni products that are from Polynesia, where natives are still more exposed to the capriciousness of nature than the citizens of well-established societies.

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a unique evergreen plant indigenous to Polynesia, Malaysia, Australia and South-East Asia. It ranges in size up to a maximum of 10 meters, and bears a oblong green fruit that is exceptionally rich in beneficial micronutrients and phytochemicals.

Noni fruit contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including all of the essential aminos, as well as the complete spectrum of B vitamins. It is also rich is several excellent anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, proanthocyanadin, and anthocyanadin. It contains several important minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, and sodium. Noni is a good source of the soluable dietary fiber pectin, and contains linoleic acid, a beneficial Omega-6 fatty acid.

Aside from all these helpful nutrients, Noni also contains an important molecule called proxeronin. The liver uses proxeronin to produces xeronin, an alkaloid which research suggests plays a role in helping support and maintain the protein structures involved in various metabolic processes, including enzymes and hormones. Our body gets a certain amount of proxeronin through a normal diet, but Noni is exceptionally rich in it.

As about 150 different nutrients have been identified in Noni fruit, it is not hard to see why Noni has been such a popular dietary supplement.


  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.

  • Keep out of reach of young children.

Once opened, store in the refrigerator.

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Noni, the queen of fruits

Noni is one of the most popular exotic superfruits as it is extremely rich in nutrients that help preserve health. The development of modern technology, combined with CaliVita®’s environment-friendly production, ensures that you get the most out of this amazing fruit.

What are some of the benefits of consuming noni on daily bases?

  • Its antibacterial effect may help avoid infections or make their treatment easier. Certain active agents found in noni act against bacteria that most commonly cause food infection and poisoning. Other studies have proved that its effectiveness in inhibiting the bacterium causing tuberculosis is comparable to that of antibiotics.

  • Noni may effectively complement the therapy against high blood pressure.

  • A 2010 study shows that consumption of noni prevented the triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels in the blood from rising when consuming high-fat content foods. Such blood fats are largely responsible for arteriosclerosis and a part of cardiac diseases.

  • Studies, topped with consumer testaments show that noni has alleviative and anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, it is gentler to the stomach then anti-inflmmatory agents and causes no side-effects.

  • In vitro studies have also confirmed the extraordinary antioxidant effect of noni. During the experiment it protected the cells from free radicals almost three times as effectively as vitamin C.

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Treasures of Untouched Nature: Juice of organic noni fruit

Organic Noni
provides the body of valuable nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and a very important proxeronine. Noni fruit included in the product comes from the organic farms and therefore must comply with rigorous criteria for organic production. In addition, organic production does not pollute the soil and water, and the producted fruit are tastier and richer in nutrients.
Follow the trends, be eco!

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