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Stress Management B Complex

Calivita Stress Management
Calivita vitaminai
100 tablečių

Formulė Stress Management pirmiausia rekomenduojama tiems, kurie yra veikiami padidėjusio streso kiekvieną dieną. Vitaminai ir energijos poreikiai kūno padidėjimas dėl streso.Vitamino B šeima efektyviai palaiko sveiką funkcionavimą nervų sistema, todėl yra svarbus elementas energijos gamybos procesus.
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Stress Management - vitamino B kompleksas ir magnis stresui malšinti

Stress Management
Vitamin B complex

To whom and when do we recommend it?

Vitamins b complex and magnesium for stress relief

Stress is part of our lives. Positive motivates and increases our productivity. However, negative stress disturbs the peace in our lives and adversely affects our health. Therefore, support your body through an appropriate lifestyle and a balanced diet!

How do B vitamins work?

  • effectively support the proper functioning of the nervous system (vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folates, pantothenic acid, choline)
  • contribute to the maintenance of an adequate energy metabolism (vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folates, pantothenic acid, choline)
  • reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue (vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folates, pantothenic acid, choline)
  • take part in maintaining normal psychological functions (vitamins B1, B6, B12, niacin, folates)
  • help maintain mental fitness at the correct level (pantothenic acid)
  • have a positive effect on the heart (vitamin B1)
  • help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes (vitamin B2, niacin)
  • contribute to the maintenance of normal vision (vitamin B2)
  • take care of the proper metabolism of iron (vitamin B2)
  • take part in protecting cells against oxidative stress (vitamin B2)
  • support the condition of red blood cells (vitamins B2, B6)
  • play an important role in the synthesis of cysteine, regulation of hormonal activity and in the metabolism of proteins, glycogen (vitamin B6)
  • are involved in the metabolism of homocysteine ​​(vitamins B6, B12, folates, choline)
  • have a positive effect on the immune system (vitamins B6, B12, folates)
  • play an important role in the process of cell division (vitamin B12, folates)
  • help in the proper synthesis of amino acids (folates)
  • are involved in the production of blood (folates)
  • participate in the synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D and some neurotransmitters (pantothenic acid)
  • support the functioning of the liver (choline)

How does magnesium work?

  • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and in maintaining proper psychological functions
  • supports the maintenance of electrolyte balance
  • helps in the proper functioning of muscles
  • helps maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • plays a role in the process of cell division

An important component of the product is also vitamin C, showing, among others, antioxidant activity and supporting the activity of the immune system and nervous system.

Who do we especially recommend?

  • People exposed to daily stress related to work or lifestyle.
  • People who undertake increased mental and physical effort.
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their nervous system.

food supplement Calivita Stress Management

100 tablets


1-3 tablets daily

Stress Management active ingredients

Inositol 100 mg
Choline 100 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Niacin 15 mg
Magnesium 13.5 mg
Pantothenic acid 5 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Vitamin B2 1.8 mg
Vitamin B1 1.3 mg
Folic acid 100 mcg
Vitamin B12 2 mcg

stabilizer - microcrystalline cellulose; choline bitartrate, magnesium bisglycinate, inositol, vitamin C; anti-caking agent - calcium carbonate, anti-caking agent - fatty acids (stearic acid), bulking agent: cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; niacin; anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate), anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide; pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (vitamin B1); natural dye: riboflavin; vitamin B12, folic acid.
When taking vitamin B complex urine may become dark yellow and have a specific smell, with a permanent physical load - for example in professional sports - it can be hardly noticeable.

  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

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Stress Management - food supplement
A calm life

Tablets containing the full spectrum of vitamins B and vitamin C and magnesium. Calming nervous tension and soothe, protect the cardiovascular system.

During times of physical or mental stress, the nutritional demands of our metabolism increases. This may be especially true for nutrients belonging to the B family of vitamins, for two main reasons. First, they play important supporting roles in the production of energy, and central nervous system function, and secondly, they are water soluable and thus not stored in the body. These factors may make B vitamins more susceptible to depletion during times of stress compared to other nutrients. This is why a quality complex of B vitamins with high bioavailability forms the backbone of CaliVita’s® Stress Management product.
stressed out man
Vitamins belonging to this complex include B1 thiamin, B2 riboflavin, B3 niacin, B5 pantothenic acid, B6 pyridoxine, B7 biotin, B8 inositol, B9 folic acid, and B12 cobalamin. Choline, while technically not a vitamin, is often included in this group as it functions in close relationship with folic acid and cobalamin. Several of these vital nutrients are involved in the metabolic processes which convert carbohydrates and fat into energy. As well, B vitamins play a vital role in the formation and production of red blood cells, which are important for carrying oxygen to the cells. Several B vitamins play a role in the production of hormones, and regulation of cholesterol levels. Others, such as choline and inositol play a role in the transmission of nerve impulses, support the integrity of nerve cells and contribute to the healthy functioning of the central nervous system.

CaliVita ® enhanced the formula with the addition of vitamin C and magnesium. Vitamin C is another water-soluable vitamin that contributes to the synthesis of some neurotransmitting hormones, which are vital for brain function and may affect mood. As well, it contributes to the energy production processes of our body. Magnesium is also vital for supporting the process of converting fats and carbohydrates into useable energy.


  • Sedative (reduces shaking hands, blinking of the eyelids)
  • Reduces stress, irritability
  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Recommended for depression, hyperactivity
  • Recommended for migraines
  • Prevents graying and hair loss
  • Makes it easy to fall asleep
  • Helps in the treatment of anemia, skin diseases.

What vitamins are included in the B complex of vitamins

The complex of B vitamins includes several compounds with different effects: all important B vitamins, vitamin H (biotin), para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), choline and inositol. In a properly selected complex of B vitamins, all ingredients work together and mutually enhance the effectiveness of their action in the body. Modern preparations work for a long time, gradually releasing active substances (TR - time relased), which is important because these vitamins dissolve in water; thanks to prolonged absorption, they are not excreted immediately and the body can use them for a long time. People suffering from hair loss, dandruff, graying, dry skin and brittle nails generally do not know that these problems cannot be solved by any miracle care products such as shampoos and creams, but by taking B complex vitamins which:

  • has a calming effect (reduces hand tremors, eyelid blinking)
  • reduce stress and irritability
  • protect the cardiovascular system
  • they are recommended for depression and hyperactivity
  • they are indispensable in neurological and mental disorders
  • recommended for migraines
  • counteract graying and hair loss
  • make it easier to fall asleep
  • support the treatment of anemia and skin diseases.

Vitamin B1


Plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, is essential for proper functioning of muscles and nerves, so some people call it even intellect vitamin. The total deficiency causes beriberi disease, first discovered vitamin deficiency. Its natural sources are primarily brewer's yeast, bran cereal, cereal, cereal and bread with coarse grinding. Stress, exercise, and consuming large amounts of carbohydrates increases the need for this vitamin. It is slightly diuretic. Vitamin B1 affects normal muscle tension.

Vitamin B2


It plays an important role in the absorption of iron (hemoglobin production), in the synthesis of proteins and in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. It strengthens the eye by increasing the sensitivity of the retina, has a beneficial effect on growth. Increased demand for vitamin B2 occurs in periods of rapid growth, pregnancy, lactation, in stressful situations and during intense exercise. Riboflavin deficiency may result in skin diseases, changes in the functioning of the eye and nervous system. If it is not sufficient, protein metabolism in the body is disrupted.

Vitamin B3

(niacin, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, vitamin PP):

It plays an important role in biological oxidation, in the secretion of energy, fat distribution and morphology. It is necessary for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, and nervous system, as well as for the synthesis of certain hormones (such as testosterone, estrogen, insulin). Prevents migraine and relief headache. It improves blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. Helps with ulcer pain and removes odor from the mouth. Niacin is present in plant and animal. For the richest sources include yeast, wheat bran, meat, offal and fish. Total lack of niacin leads to pellagra and partial develop inflammatory changes on the tongue.

Vitamin B4

(folic acid, folacin):

Plays an important role in the metabolism of some amino acids and is involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids. Therefore, folic acid is essential for the proper functioning of hematopoietic cells and the development of all body cells. The best sources of folic acid include liver, dark green leafy vegetables, beans and yeast. For folate deficiency most vulnerable are pregnant women, infants, adolescent girls and elderly people. Particularly important is the saturation of the woman's body with folic acid before becoming pregnant, as adverse effects of folate deficiency manifests itself in early pregnancy. Supplementation with folic acid by administering it in multivitamin preparations may thus reduce the risk of fetal malformation. According to doctors in Alabama, folic acid may play an important role in the prevention of cervical cancer.

Vitamin B5

(pantothenic acid, calcium pantothenate, panthenol):

Like other B vitamins, is involved in energy metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and which influences numerous enzymatic reactions. Vitamin B5 is essential for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands. It helps build the skin, affects the growth and hair color.

Vitamin B6


As a component of many enzymes in the body has a lot of tasks. It is involved in the metabolism of amino acids, essential fatty acids and iron. It is necessary for the production of red blood cells and antibodies, as well as a better absorption of vitamin B12 in the body. Experience has shown that large doses of vitamin B6 significantly reduce premenstrual stress, menstrual cramps and feeling sick. It occurs mainly in yeast, legumes and meat. When there is a large amount of protein in the diet and the physical demands are increasing for this vitamin, therefore, the athletes need more. Its absence prevents the building of muscle tissue. It acts as a natural diuretic.


(vitamin B8)

It is produced by the body, but in insufficient quantities. Along with inositol (both are components of lecithin) enhance metabolism of fats in the body and protects against fatty liver and prevents the build-up of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels. It helps in the elimination of accumulated toxins and drugs. Without choline deteriorates brain function and memory.


(vitamin B9)

It is essential for hair growth and prevention of atherosclerosis. Together with choline is involved in the metabolism of fats and helps lower the blood cholesterol level. Inositol is an emulsifier of fats and prevents fatty liver. It is essential in the transmission of nerve signals. Such as choline, plays an important role in the nutrition of the brain cells. It has sedative properties.

Vitamin B12

(cyanocobalamin, cobalamin)

It is essential for the correct functioning of the body, especially bone marrow cells (production of red blood cells), nervous system (reduces irritability, improves memory and ability to concentrate), gastrointestinal (improves appetite), and also helps you to gain weight, stimulates growth in children. As a coenzyme is involved in the metabolism of folic acid, and in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In larger amounts of vitamin B12 found in organ meats, meat, egg yolk. Vitamin B12 deficiency can occur in people feeding in strict compliance with vegetarian diet. Cyanocobalamin deficiency there appear in the elderly, in people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol or suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Why stress is bad for your health

What are the effects of stress:

  • it weakens the immune system and makes us more susceptible to disease

  • reduces the production of anti-inflammatory antibodies and cytokines
  • lowers the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the intestines
  • causes the blood pressure to rise, which can lead to the development of high blood pressure, heart attack and other cardiovascular problems
  • accelerates the aging of the body from inside and outside!
the effects of stress

How to win with stress

Stress Management is recommended for people exposed to the stress of everyday life. Stress increases the body's need for vitamins and energy. B vitamins effectively support the proper functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, they are an important element of energy production processes. The tablets contain the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as vitamin C. They have a calming effect and relieve nervous tension, protect the cardiovascular system. They reduce the feeling of fatigue and weariness of the body, but not only.

The basic active ingredients of Stress Management are B vitamins, which act as catalysts for many physiological processes in the body. Participants include in the metabolism of carbohydrates (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid), fats (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin), proteins (riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6) and nucleic acids (thiamine). The complex of B vitamins - in addition to supporting the proper functions of the nervous system - also has a positive effect on the energy balance in the body. Their supplementation is recommended primarily in the case of increased stress or mental and physical effort.

Choline and inositol participate in the transmission of nerve impulses. Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal metabolism of homocysteine and fats, and supports the functioning of the liver. Another ingredient of the product is vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant. Supports the activity of the body's immune system as well as the nervous system.

The active ingredients of the product help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, participate in the processes of proper blood formation and cell division. They also play an important role in the production of certain substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Folates help in the proper synthesis of amino acids, are involved in blood production and cell division processes. They have a positive effect on homocysteine metabolism, the functioning of the immune system and ensure proper psychological functions.
Free yourself from stress
Additionally: try to find time for small pleasures that will relax you and relax you.
Go for a walk, go for a weekend - to get away from everyday life, and also - think positive!
Research from Loma Linda University shows that
just thinking about the planned attraction: going out of town, going to the cinema, having a romantic dinner, etc.
increases the secretion of the hormone of happiness by 27% and reduces the level of the stress hormone by up to 39%.

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Stress Management
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