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Triple-Potency Lecithin

Calivita Triple-Potency Lecithin
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Lecitinas padeda tinkamai funkcionuoti mūsų gyvybinių procesų ir skatina mūsų sveikatai. Tai natūrali medžiaga, kuri gali būti rasti mūsų kūno. Be kita ko, tai yra iš ląstelių membranos ir baltymų komponentas. Ji vaidina svarbų vaidmenį nervų sistemos funkcionavimo vaidmenį ir remia normalus cholesterolio lygį priežiūra.
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Triple-Potency Lecithin - Koncentruotas sojos lecitinas

Triple-Potency Lecithin
Soy lecithin

CaliVita’sSoya Lecithin 1236 mg contains pure and natural soya lecithin from soy beans. Each softgel provides 420 mg of phosphatidylcholine.

In other CaliVita operations known as: Triple Potency Lecithin


To whom and when do we recommend it?

Non-GMO soy lecithin

CaliVita’s Soya Lecithin 1236 mg contains pure and natural soya lecithin from soy beans. Each softgel provides 420 mg of phosphatidylcholine. CaliVita® Super Soya Lecithin, and Triple Potency Lecithin are derived from the highest quality non-GMO soybeans.

Soy lecithin is the primary source of choline from which the body produces acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is found both in the brain and in the peripheral nervous system.

Lecithin contributes to the proper functioning of our vital processes and it promotes our health. It is a natural substance that can be found in our body. Among others, it is a component of cell membrane and proteins. It plays a role in the functioning of the nervous system and supports the maintenance of a normal cholesterol level.

Studies have indicated that high serum levels of the amino acid derivative homocysteine appears to be a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Studies have indicated that certain vitamins such as B6, B12, and folic acid help support a reduction in serum homocysteine levels. Choline performs an important supporting role in such action by transferring methyl groups hydrocarbons to the vitamins, which is needed in order for them to function.

Due to its high choline content, lecithin may provide excellent nutritional support for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Aside from its supporting role in fat metabolism and cardiovascular function, choline is a precursor to the neurotransmitting hormone acetylcholine. Research suggests that cognition, intelligence, memory  and mood are regulated in part by acetylcholine metabolism in the brain.


How does choline work?
  • contributes to the maintenance of proper fat metabolism
  • supports the functioning of the liver
  • it positively influences the maintenance of the proper metabolism of homocysteine, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Who do we especially recommend?

  • People exposed to increased mental and physical effort.
  • Students in the period of intensified learning.
  • People who want to support the proper functioning of the liver.
  • Elderly people.
  • People who live under constant stress.

Did you know that ... lecithin is a substance present in virtually every cell of the human body and is an essential building block of cell membranes.

food supplement Calivita: Triple-Potency Lecithin

100 softgels


Take 1-2 softgels daily with water after meal

Triple-Potency Lecithin active ingredients

Soya Lecithin 1236 mg
Phosphatidyl choline 420 mg

Keep out of reach of young children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, healthy diet.

Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

Produced for: CaliVita International B.V. Beursplein 37, 3001 DC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Best before: see side of pack.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

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History of two decades of "good old lecithin"

Lecithin is definitely not "old story". It has such beneficial properties, that it is practically a true honor to be written about it. Those who still do not know lecithin, is a good time to learn, and those who know it are aware that writing a text about it is actually  a well-deserved recognition. Lecitin as a natural substance has remarkable properties, little-known to wide range of people. Its main ingredients are choline and inositol, two very important substances that contribute to the transmission of stimuli. Choline plays a key role in building the structure of biological membranes (membrane) and often associated with vitamins (belonging to the group B vitamins). The term biological membranes mean cell walls and other similar structures. Choline also plays a very important role in building muscle and nerve tissue, and in the wall of brain cells.

Lecithin, which consists of choline and inositol, burns and decomposes fat, protect the liver and gall bladder, as well as contributes to the cleaning of the walls of blood vessels, that means - in scientific speaking - it is considered for a lipotropic substance. Lipotropic substances help secure circulation of cholesterol in the body, without creating harmful deposits. Lipotropic fraction of lecithin or "fat burner" has influence on fatty acids in the body accelerates the process of natural decomposition and burning of fat. Lecithin can also prevent the formation of so-called fatty liver. Versus traditional materials of this kind, not only participate in the degradation of excess fat but  lecitin is necessary to prevent the formation of deposits of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. The lecithin converts cholesterol and other fats in the form of water soluble and in this way they significantly and effectively removes them from the body. Longer-term use of lecithin emulsifies cholesterol and thus slows down or even completely prevents the development of  growth of cholesterol stones in the gallbladder. Lecithin cleans the walls of blood vessels and increases the work of the heart muscle. It softens the stool consistency and relieves flatulence. Lecithin and HDL-cholesterol play a very important role in the functioning of certain glands and therefore in our love life. Besides lecithin that plays a very important role in the lives of people suffering from diseases of the joints, allowing them to carry out such activities, which due to pain would not be able to perform. In cases of particularly severe pain in the joints, the usual dose can be doubled or even higher as it is not known any adverse effect of lecithin and an overdose is not possible. Lecithin is also of great benefit in people sensitive to weather (meteoropate). Also it is almost essential for athletes suffering from pain or discomfort in joints. Lecithin gives hair a healthy color. With its help, may preclude the formation of eczema. Lecithin also boosts the ability of concentration and memory, and has a calming effect on the nervous system. In older persons acting as agent for recovery and tone, and also returns vitality. Lecithin increases resistance of the organism against the appearance of diseases, by promoting functioning of thymus, strengthens secretion of antibodies - lymphocytes, contributes to faster propagation and activity of phagocytes. Phagocytes surround and "eat" foreign objects and pathogens that attack the material body and in addition together with lymphocytes destroy foreign or altered cells in degenerative organism. Overall, lecithin fully serve the health of the body.

What is lecithin and what is its role?

Not only on memory and heart ...

Discover the effect of lecithin in the light of science!

What is lecithin?

Lecithin is a mixture of different compounds, primarily phospholipids. These compounds are fat and are found in every cell of our body. The predominant phospholipid in lecithin is phosphatidylcholine. The other ingredients are: phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylethanolamine. Lecithin is found in every cell of the human body, especially as a component of cell membranes. The role of phospholipids in the body is extremely important due to the fact that, in combination with proteins are an integral part of cell membranes and subcellular organelle. The mitochondrial membrane constitute over 90% of the total lipid. Phospholipids are required to control many functions of biological membranes, such as enzymatic activity, the permeability and transport.

For what we need lecithin

  • is a building component of every cell of the body is a part of cell membrane
  • beneficial effect on the nervous system, supports the processes of memory and concentration
  • It is the component in the brain tissue and cells of the myelin sheath of the nervous system
  • beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system
  • participates in the metabolism of fats and cholesterol
  • protects liver
  • is involved in metabolic processes
  • helps absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • increases efficiency and speeds up recovery after exercise
  • slows the aging process

Lecithin improves memory and concentration
Adequate supply of choline facilitates the processes of memory, long term memory, increased capacity of memory, inhibits the development of depression and senile dementia and certain degenerative diseases of the nervous system (multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease).

Lecithin strengthens the cardiovascular system

Lecithin is involved in the metabolism of fat and cholesterol. This is related to the presence in its molecule of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which bind to cholesterol and facilitate its transport and removal from the body. Action of lecithin is beneficial to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and associated cardiovascular diseases.

Lecithin protects liver, prevents the formation of gallstones

Lecithin supplementation favorably affects detoxification and regeneration of the liver. Lecithin is responsible for the solubility of cholesterol in the bile and protects against the formation of gallstones.

Lecithin and fertility

It is believed that lecithin is essential for the sexual performance of men and increased fertility.
Choline is important in the diet of pregnant and breastfeeding women, because it has an impact on prenatal and neonatal development of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

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Triple-Potency Lecithin
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